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I will be going to Anime Expo in Los Angeles. I will be departing from Boston on 6/30/2010 and I will return on 7/5/2010. There will be no videos or other updates during this time, but please follow me on Twitter as I’ll probably be posting frequent-ish updates.

See you later! Cheers!


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This is a one-level SMW hack where you have to be small… OR DO YOU? Wait, no, you pretty much do. Yep. (Hack by YouTube user Jumpy142)

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In this episode, something cool happens. Something which, if my memory is correct, is an indication that we’re roughly halfway through the game. When this LP is done, we’ll see how accurate I was! Heh.

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Nigel turns into a dog… and he STILL has to solve isometric puzzles?

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I made another “Let’s Fucking Color!” video. I promise not to make these all the time, but sometimes I just feel the need!

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Doc Sigma FAQ (300th video special)

For my 300th video I decided to throw together a FAQ. These are questions I get asked all the time. Thanks for hanging out with me for 300 videos!

Here are links to the various things I mentioned in the video.

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300th video coming soon!

Somebody pointed out to me that my next video will be my 300th. I honestly wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. So, I will be doing something special for it. I plan on working on it tonight. Stay tuned! It will be… informative.

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