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Were you counting the failures I made? If not, that’s okay – the people in the chat were doing it for you! It’s somewhat of a tradition! Anyway, this short fun little hack ends with… a killscreen? *laughs*


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I played this tiny, extremely fun romhack for my live stream. They even started counting the number of times I failed (died/used a save state)! It was wild! Whether you were there or not, why not watch this two-video series and relive the fun?

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For the past several months now, I’ve listed my next LP as “Mario and the Flying Fish”. This is an LP which I recorded ages ago. When I went to transcode it today, I noticed two things about it which I had totally forgotten:

  1. It was a Live LP. (Yay!)
  2. It’s, like, 20 minutes long. (Aww crap.)

See, I do complete the game… it’s just that the game is really short. So how shall I deal with this? Well, “Mario and the Flying Fish” will be posted sometime really soon, before I post any more episodes of Landstalker. It shall be my first “Live Quickie”, or something. Once I do this, my page will be updated to state the name of my “real” next LP. I have it narrowed down to three choices… I’ll make my decision sometime today.


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It’s been a long time since I have streamed! I hope to see you there tonight, it should be fun!

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YES! This is the final chapter of the Greenmaze Trilogy of AIDS. We find the Sun Stone and go to… well, not to Ryuma, at least not yet!

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Oh! Hello there, world!

My website is now officially open! All of the tabs across the top of the page are now fully populated with content. Enjoy!

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I’ve written up a cheesy little bio on the “About” tab up there, but most importantly, I have fully populated the “Let’s Play” tab! All of my (full, non-quickie) Let’s Plays are nicely cataloged for your perusal. This is up to and including Landstalker, my current LP which is still in progress.

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