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Today’s lesson is: If your name is Doc Sigma, you don’t get to LP with the fan on. You… just DON’T. I was able to remove 99% of the fan noise, but it seems like it took the game audio down with it. Plus, the 1% that stayed in is really pissing me off.

Be on the lookout for two shout-outs in this episode!

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Before we take off to our next destination, we tie up a couple of minor loose ends.

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LP Quickie: Doomswell’s SMB3 Hack

A quick one-level hack by YouTube user doomswell (http://youtube.com/doomswell). It’s short but very well made and I really like it!

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New LP Quickie coming tonight!

YouTube user doomswell has provided me with a one-level hack of SMB3. I’ve reviewed it and made a video of it and I will be posting it tonight! SPOILER: It was a pretty cool hack.

(Admittedly, I am posting this mostly as a reminder to myself.)

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I decided to wait until I had completed my LP of Super Mario Crossover before making the episodes go live. So, now they’re all viewable! They are in the usual places, and for convenience I’ll also link the first episode here. Each episode contains a YouTube Annotation to allow you to easily go to the next episode when you’re done. How cool is that? Okay, not very cool… anyway, enjoy! I sure did!

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Project 365

Hey! Ever see those messages I tweet which say “from Project365 app” and contain a random picture? They are from an iPhone app called Project 365. The idea behind Project 365 is to post one picture every day. I’ve been using it fairly faithfully for awhile (there was a short stretch before Anime Expo where I didn’t use it for about a week, and just filled in the blanks with random AX photos). Anyway, the developer of the app has come up with a really slick new website where you can view the images I’ve created using Project 365! It’s really swell.

You can view my complete Project 365  website here.

I’ll be adding a link to the sidebar when I get around to it, too.

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New LP side-project coming soon!

I’m taking a short break from Landstalker. The next LP I’ll be posting will be a complete playthrough of Super Mario Crossover, played as Simon Belmont. I will not be posting it until all eight episodes are ready, and then they’ll all be going up at once. This is all thanks to Khold, who is LPing the game as Ryu Hayabusa. He encouraged me to give the game a shot, and since he allows it, the first episode will be a YouTube Reply to his first episode as well.

None of this will be happening any sooner than this coming Monday, though. You may have noticed that the featured video on my page isn’t even mine — it’s for a friend of mine who is hosting a weekend-long donation stream this coming weekend, and I really want to get the word out about it. He’s not raising money for a new computer or any such nonsense; he’s raising money so that he won’t become homeless. So, please attend the stream, and if you can donate any amount of money, please do so, no matter how small.

New videos will be coming on Monday! I hope.

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In this episode, we complete the Verla Mine! And I get a shiny new shiny shiny as a reward! Also I do a horrible impression of Nigel doing an even WORSE impression of He-Man. Indeed!

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Apparently, the Verla Mine is guarded by Duke Mercator’s three evil ex-boyfriends. We need to defeat them all!

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We descend into the mine and find out what the hell is going on. NOTE: Only half of the previous sentence is true. Neat!

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