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Bidoof the Triop: Days 10-12

Sadly, this is the final video of Bidoof the Triop, as he passed away sometime after the 12th day that I filmed him. He lived for about a month, and I honestly miss him. He was a cute little guy, and he was a lot of fun. This is also my 400th video, and I feel it is fitting that Bidoof’s final appearance should occur at such a milestone. Even though it is the final video, it is also my favorite, because it is how I remember him most closely, and he is at his most active and cutest… okay, I’ll stop babbling now.


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Couple of geocaching updates

Finds number 36 and 37 have been added to page 2 of my Geocaching section. Find number 36 was especially awesome as I actually met the cache owner at the site, after I had found, signed, and returned it. He congratulated me on my stealth, which made me feel great!

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In case you didn’t know, I am now a contributor for MultipurposeReviews.com, and will be posting approximately one video there per week. My latest video is up — go check it out!

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Updates updates updates…

Today I found five — yes, FIVE — geocaches all in one day! I’ve updated page two of my Geocaching section to reflect this. That’s 35 finds so far!

I’ve also updated my Twitter Bots page to reflect all seven of the bots in my Twitter Bot Army. I plan on getting it up to ten… no more than that, though, because that would be extremely silly. Yes, I know it’s silly that I have ANY bots at all, but each one is a fun exercise for me, and they all represent facets of my personality to a degree. You can find the updated info in my Twitter Bots section.

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This video is important.

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Bidoof the Triop: Days 7-9

He’s growing up so fast… *starts humming Cat’s In The Cradle*

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30th geocache found

I found my 30th geocache on Friday. Page 2 of my Geocaching section has been updated with the find.

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