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…but you CAN cache there from here!

Several days ago, I made my way to a cache location in East Cambridge where a nano geocache was supposedly hidden in a place where a pay phone used to be. (Pay phones… remember those?) I made it to the location, and searched the everliving crap out of the steel monolith which once housed a Verizon pay phone, with nothing to show for my efforts but dirty hands. Since I did honestly search the area as thoroughly as I possibly could, I posted a “Did Not Find” log. Much to my happiness, about an hour later, somebody else posted a DNF log for the exact same cache! This made me feel so much better! What made me feel totally awesome, though, is that the next day the cache owner contacted me personally, and told me that the DNF logs convinced him to go check the cache location… and it was, indeed, missing. He said he’d be replacing it that day. I decided to wait for him to post a Maintenance log, but after a few days I changed my mind, since he did say he’d be replacing it “today”, not “eventually” or something.

So, last night I went back to the cache site after work, and after a few seconds I found the little beauty! I was the first person to sign the new log, too! (Not quite as cool as a “First To Find”, of course, but still pretty awesome.) I took the cache to a nearby bench, unscrewed it, extracted the log scroll (which took quite a bit of effort, it was really jammed in there!), put it all back together, and re-hid it exactly where I found it. I then went to a nearby convenience store for an energy drink before hopping on a bus (the cache site is located right at a stop on MBTA bus route 69) and making my way in the general direction of home.

The cache info is posted to page 2 of my Geocaching section. It is my 29th find. If all goes well, I’ll make it to 30 today! I’ve also decided to number the finds, because why not.


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We complete the Gwar tickets and go to the concert, thus completing the game! We also get to sneak onto stage with the band… and I threw in some bonus stuff at the end. Thanks for watching, guys!

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Snake? Snake? Uh, huh huh, huh huh… snake…?

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Yesterday was both a really good, and a slightly bad, day in terms of geocaching. At lunchtime, I meandered down to a park in East Cambridge where a cache had eluded me not once but TWICE before. Each time I spent a good hour looking for the damn thing. On the third attempt, I found it almost instantly! It’s weird how things work out like that. The cache’s hint was “Rook to Queen Bishop 4”, and the park contains three metal picnic tables with chess boards built into them. So, it seems like a pretty obvious place to look would be beneath the picnic tables (since it’s a magnetic nano-cache)… which I did… thoroughly… or so I thought. On my third attempt I fumbled around at the wrong table for a few minutes, allowed my GPSr to recalculate my coordinates, realized I was checking the wrong table, checked the correct table, and BOOM, the little guy was right where it should have been… right where it was all along. Seriously, how the hell did I miss it? Oh well. That evening, after work, I decided to do some night-caching and look for another East Cambridge cache. This one was supposedly hidden in an old abandoned phone booth, a sad metal monolith where a pay telephone once stood. Previous comments indicated that it was a quick and easy cache, so imagine my frustration when a good hour had passed and all I had to show for it was a pair of dirty hands. I decided to post a “Did Not Find” log, in which I stated that I must not have looked hard enough and would be back, but in the back of my head I sincerely thought/hoped that the cache was gone, because I REALLY searched that damn phone booth thoroughly. Well, posting the DNF log worked out very well — not an hour after my log was posted, somebody else posted a DNF log as well! Then, today, the cache owner emailed me to let me know that the cache was, indeed, gone! This made me feel quite vindicated. He said he’d be replacing it today. If he does, I’ll look for it after work. Also today, I found a quick cache at a park near the Science Park station on the MBTA Green Line. It took me longer to find than it should have, though, but at least I was able to find it, and the park itself was worth the trip. These last two found caches can be found on Page 2 of my Geocaching section (use the top navigation bar).

I’ve also decided to do some organization regarding my “Bidoof the Triop” videos. Instead of just sticking them all under Special, they are now on their own playlist on my YouTube channel. I’ve also created a special page for them right here on my website — use the top navigation bar and go to “Bidoof the Triop” under the Special heading. I have also decided to use YouTube’s AudioSwap feature to swap out my commentary on the couple of videos which actually had commentary. I wasn’t happy with the quality of the commentary, and I just like the atmosphere that the mellow instrumental music gives to the whole experience. A couple of the videos still have my commentary, as AudioSwap has been misbehaving lately, but eventually they should all be fine, and new videos should definitely be all set.

I’ll be posting the last two episodes of Beavis & Butt-head tonight… or at least one of the two. We’ll see just how lazy I am.


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Bidoof the Triop: Day 6

He… just keeps growing. Amazing! Once his growth spurt is over, I’ll switch from daily videos to weekly compilations.

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Mmm… Burger World! Fifty cents for a deep-fried rat! With fries!

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Bidoof the Triop: Day 5

Recorded today. Had to swap out the audio again. I came back from my weekend off to find that Bidoof seems to have doubled in size again! Check out his shell! And his tail! And, dare I say, his eyes almost look… expressive. Good boy!

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