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Let’s Play Boogerman (World 3)

Boogerville… of course. It HAD to be Boogerville. Stay classy, game!

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Convention Information

I will be attending four conventions in 2011. (It will become five if New England Webcomics Weekend convenes in 2011, but that is yet to be seen.) The conventions are as follows:

PAX East and Anime Boston are in Boston. FanimeCon is in San Jose, and Anime Expo is in Los Angeles. While I haven’t arranged travel or hotel for those two conventions yet, I am already registered for all four conventions and will definitely 100% for sure be going. I’ll deal with travel and hotel eventually… maybe as soon as this weekend.

If you are going to be in the area for any of these conventions and would like to have a quick meetup, drop me a line on Twitter – preferably as the event gets closer. I’ll also be tweeting constantly during the events (well, probably), and at the last two events there will probably be a more “official” meet-and-greet with Tatsudoshi and myself, so be on the lookout for more information on that as the time approaches. Incidentally, my 31st birthday (July 2nd) will occur right in the middle of Anime Expo, so be sure to say hello to me if you can!

And, no, I will *not* be attending New York Anime Festival. That convention was a disgrace last year. I had a great time, but ONLY because I was with my friends!

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Sodomy Bot has a Tumblr now!

In case you didn’t know it, I’ve created a Tumblr feed for Sodomy Bot. On this feed, I post screen shots of some of the more… unusual people who choose to follow Sodomy Bot. Check out the Tumblr feed here! I’ve also updated my Twitter Bots page to mention my latest twitter bot, Fat Pikachu! He’s so cute and fat!

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My computer is dying…

…so it may be awhile before I can post more episodes of Let’s Play Boogerman. I’ll let you know. 😦

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Let’s Play Boogerman (World 2 Boss)

Compared to all the other shit that goes on in this game, Revolta’s really not… all that revolting.

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Geocaching update

Last week was a slow week for geocaching for me, but at least it wasn’t a completely dead week like the previous one. I found two caches (GC23C72 “Pops’ Cannons” and GC2J2R6 “FTF Tribute: gw0143”). They were easy finds, but “Pops’ Cannons” really wore me out through no fault of its own – I got severely LOST on my way to the cache site, AND got just as lost on my way back to work! I probably wound up walking over ten miles that day.

This week, there’s snow in the schedule for Wednesday, so I doubt I’ll be looking for many (if any) caches. Today, I plan on doing some research and trying to find a hiding place for my 4th cache. It’s going to be a puzzle cache (which means you need to solve a puzzle in order to find the actual cache coordinates; the listed coordinates are just in the general area, so it will show up appropriately on searches). It’s going to be called “The Proxy Server” and it’s going to be quite evil!

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Let’s Play Boogerman (World 2)

The Pits. The… what, now? I don’t get it. What *is* this place supposed to be, anyway?

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Let’s Play Boogerman (World 1 Boss)

Don’t you dare call him Khold! (Also, yeah, this LP is going to feature long episodes followed immediately by short episodes. It’s just how I happened to divide it up. Sorry if it makes you want to kill yourself.)

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Let’s Play Boogerman (World 1)

BOOGER! Good lord, this game is… icky.

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