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Anime Boston 2011: Pics!

Click on the creepy bootleg Pikachu to see the photos I took at this year’s Anime Boston.

I also took two short videos at Anime Boston. First, a rotating sushi bar at a nearby Japanese restaurant:

Second, a bunch of random guys dancing:

Besides a scheduling snafu which resulting in me missing a panel I really wanted to see, Anime Boston 2011 was a ton of fun! I really had a great time, and look forward to having an even better time at Anime Boston 2012! I’ll also be going to FanimeCon in late May, and Anime Expo in early July. Expect even more pics from those!

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Made on my iPhone using a more powerful computer than the one which landed a man on the moon. Which is terrifying and sad.

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This happens to me every day at work.


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…it’s only one world long, so that’s quite a specious definition of “ultimate”, isn’t it?

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It’s been too long.

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LP Quickie: Adam’s 2nd SMW Hack

I recorded this ages ago but forgot all about it, thanks to Adam for sending it to me. We’re just messing around, it’s not too serious, so I apologize for the poor quality and stuff. (I say I won’t be doing any more SMW hacks, so what do I do? Upload another one! AAH!)

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A small snack before I dive back into the meal of LPing… it’s been too long! Also, be on the lookout for a special guest star who helps me out of a sticky situation!

NOTE: This will be the final SMW romhack I ever do, although I will totally do SMB3 romhacks again. In fact, my next LP shall be an SMB3 romhack… I think.

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This intro video is just a short description of the game, since it is kind of an obscure game and not many people have probably heard of it yet!

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