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Formspring answers 8/31/2011

Doc Sigma: The Movie: The Sequel! Over eighty minutes of question-and-answer insanity! Feel free to ask me as many questions as you’d like! http://formspring.me/docsigma




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Geocaching container types…

As I am coming dangerously close to 100 geocaching finds, I’ve decided to look at all of my past finds and see which types of containers I have found the most frequently. While I am not surprised that I’ve found more nanos than anything else (since I am mostly an urban cacher), I am slightly surprised at how few of some other container types I’ve found.

Container Type Finds
Nano: Magnetic Blinker 23
Magnetic Key Holder 14
35mm Film Canister 10
Bison Tube 9
Custom Container 6
Match Safe 6
Lock-n-Lock 5
Virtual Cache 4
Fake Bolt 3
Tupperware Container 2
Bottle Preform 1
Cigar Tube 1
Fake Electrical Plate 1
Fake Rock 1
Fake Sprinkler 1
Nano: Pet ID Holder 1
Peanut Butter Jar 1

Not sure what some of these terms even mean? Don’t know a Bison Tube from a Bottle Preform? Not to worry! I plan on writing a series of short blog posts over the next few days, explaining what each of these container types are, and what makes them good or bad for geocaching. Stay tuned!

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Let’s Play Evil Dead (Episode 5)

Ash survives one of the toughest areas in the entire game, and gains a pretty sweet item for doing so. Even better, he learns an amazing new combat technique! Yes! This was a groovy episode.

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Formspring answers 8/16/2011

Another 100-ish questions, and the END of Kickle Cubicle! Woohoo! (If you want to see the full ending, look somewhere else. I frankly find it hilarious how the timing worked out on this one.) http://formspring.me/docsigma

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Let’s Play Evil Dead (Episode 4)

In this episode, Ash conquers the Swamp Palace! …okay, I died first, so maybe “conquers” is too strong of a term.

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Formspring answers 8/10/11

I love your questions, folks! Ask anything you’d like!

(Kickle Cubicle is starting to get really challenging…)

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How to Create a Twitter Bot

In this instructional video, I show you how to create a simple Twitter bot in five easy steps.

Websites used:


And here is the bot I created during the video: http://twitter.com/gonorrheabot

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Formspring answers 8/1/2011

(Forgot to post this one to the site.)

Another week of questions and answers, and another half hour of Kickle Cubicle! Feel free to ask me anything at http://formspring.me/docsigma

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Let’s Play Evil Dead (Episode 3)

In this episode, Ash learns a new spell, and makes his way to the Swamp Palace! Next time we’ll actually *gasp* go inside!

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