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Formspring answers 11/15/2011

I put off doing Formspring answers for a few weeks, and what do I get? Why, a huge backlog, of course! Enjoy nearly an hour of questions and answers, with a few episodes of a classic Doc Sigma LP in the background so your eyes will have something to look at. http://formspring.me/docsigma


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Philosoraptor bot is back at last!

Just a quick update to my bots page… I’ve finally brought @RaptorPHD back from the dead! The bot had been broken for quite some time. Now I’m off to bed. Good night!

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This two-world SMB3 hack was created by user LittleM128. Except for some… strangeness near the end, I really enjoyed this hack!

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LP Quickie: Super Mario R

This was requested by user GDGaming. Created by legendary romhacker DahrkDaiz, it’s a hack of Super Mario Bros. where almost everything is randomized! It’s quite good fun, really!

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