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Fanime 2012 pictures!

Check them out here! You can also click on the “More Pics” link under “Moving Pictures” to see more pictures from other conventions. I’m currently working on a page on my site to organize them even better.


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Dance! Dance!

Just some random people dancing to a Kinect dance game at Fanime. Sadly, I didn’t start recording until they were almost done.

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Religious protestor at Fanime

Check out this fucker

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This video is serious. Thank you.

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Formspring answers 5/15/2012

Over 100 questions-and-answers, just for you!


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This one-level Super Mario World hack is brought to you by Chaser The Ultimate Gamer! (http://www.youtube.com/scooter102089) I had a lot of fun with this little hack, even though SMW hacks usually aren’t my thing. Cheers!

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