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See ya!

Hi! If you normally get to my page by just going to docsigma.com, then you’re probably not even seeing this, as I have already updated that domain to point to my YouTube channel.

For those of you subscribed to this page via WordPress, this is just a quick message to let you know that I will not be updating this space anymore. It really just became redundant. My YouTube page is where most of my videos live, and it contains links to all other aspects of my online presence. So I’ll see you over there!


YouTube page
Multipurpose Reviews

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Back from NYAF

Look for some new videos from myself and on MultipurposeReviews.com – the convention itself was shit, but we had a fun time regardless. I also added two entries to my geocaching page which I somehow forgot about.

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Project 365

Hey! Ever see those messages I tweet which say “from Project365 app” and contain a random picture? They are from an iPhone app called Project 365. The idea behind Project 365 is to post one picture every day. I’ve been using it fairly faithfully for awhile (there was a short stretch before Anime Expo where I didn’t use it for about a week, and just filled in the blanks with random AX photos). Anyway, the developer of the app has come up with a really slick new website where you can view the images I’ve created using Project 365! It’s really swell.

You can view my complete Project 365  website here.

I’ll be adding a link to the sidebar when I get around to it, too.

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Oh! Hello there, world!

My website is now officially open! All of the tabs across the top of the page are now fully populated with content. Enjoy!

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I’ve written up a cheesy little bio on the “About” tab up there, but most importantly, I have fully populated the “Let’s Play” tab! All of my (full, non-quickie) Let’s Plays are nicely cataloged for your perusal. This is up to and including Landstalker, my current LP which is still in progress.

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Oh, Doc, what have you done this time?

Welcome to the all-new-ish docsigma.com! I’ve decided to use this site to organize my various videos, in particular my Let’s Play videos. I may also post blog-like stuff here from time to time. We’ll see.

Pull up a chair, won’t you?

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