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Doc’s Data Dump (2/2): Music

In this video, I’ve decided to include raw versions of several of the songs I’ve used in my videos over the years. Some of the songs I’ve used more frequently than others, and if you’re new to my videos, you may not recognize some of these. But if you’ve wanted to just listen to these songs in their full format, here you go. And here is a bit of background information, as well as timecodes to skip to the songs you want:

0:00 – “Natsu Yasumi FAN Kurabu” (Summer Vacation Fan Club), from “Pikachu no Natsuyasumi” (Pikachu’s Summer Vacation). “Pikachu no Natsuyasumi” is the Japanese version of the well-known Pokémon short “Pikachu’s Vacation”. This music is the ending of the extended version of the Japanese theme song. The English version of the short featured “Vacation” by Vitamin C as its intro theme. I haven’t used this song in awhile, but I tend to use it for my little “See You Next Time” clip that I occasionally add to the end of a video when I must cut it short suddenly.

0:50 – “Hot Cocoa Sampler Box”. This… strange little song was used by me only once, during my 100 Subscriber Special. I love how the beat just suddenly explodes on itself after a few seconds, before descending into a cacophony of utter madness.

3:00 – Dan Deacon, “Hey Let’s Go For A Ride”. Other than “Come Dream With Me Tonight”, this is probably the song most closely associated with my videos. I use it whenever I find the need to “fast forward” over a section of gameplay, particularly underwater levels. I wish I knew how I first came across this song. Its NES-like backing music is what really turned me on to it.

5:35 – “Forever Young”. No, not the one by Alphaville, this one is from the closing credits to the second Care Bears movie. I’ve used this during subscriber specials, when I show the “credit roll” of all of my then-current subscribers. It’s such an emotional song, it just seems to fit the mood quite well. It’s like, yeah, here are all of my subscribers, thank you all, I love you, now I’m ending a chapter of my life. Or, um, something.

11:45 – “Infinity Lounge”. This is the background music I use for my new “Siri Leisure” feature. Not much to say here. I just fuckin’ love this song. It’s classic cheesy lounge music with a huge touch of over-the-top sophistication. It goes so well with the ironically “classy classness” of the Siri Leisure series. Plus, you gotta dig that lead harmonica.

And that’s it for Doc’s Data Dump. Cheers!

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Doc’s Data Dump (1/2): Intro Videos

I’ve decided to upload “clean” versions of all of my intro videos, for archival purposes or in case you’d just like to watch them without needing to dig around for a specific video to watch. Here is a bit of info/trivia about my intro videos:

Intro #1: “Come Dream With Me Tonight”: The music for this intro is from the cartoon “The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin”. I sped it up slightly. The Teddy Ruxpin cartoon was actually quite good, especially for a cartoon designed to sell a toy. It didn’t just feature multiple characters, it featured multiple races of characters! I came up with the idea for the intro on the bus coming home from work. The fade to sepia as Luigi falls to the ground took a great deal of effort to time correctly, but it was well worth it.

Intro #2: “Follow The Music”: The music is from a strange children’s show called “Colby’s Clubhouse”. It was a live-action religious show starring an anthropomorphic, roller-skating computer. The show featured Colby the Computer and his friends running a small diner. The show didn’t last long, but there were many other Colby movies and television shows, apparently. Although I really dig this intro, and am proud of it, many people disliked it simply because it was less iconic than the original one. The final line of the song (which is the only line in the short version) is often misheard; it is “And let his work begin.”

Intro #3: “Crazy World”: The music is from the intro theme to “The Krofft Supershow”, a 1970’s kids show featuring several different programs by Sid and Marty Krofft. The segments included Wonderbug, Dr Shrinker, Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl, and many others. The shows were wrapped in host segments featuring Kaptain Kool and the Kongs, a rock band (and the performers of the intro theme). I really did not like the way this intro turned out, especially since I had to cut off the “And laugh at life along with you” line very abruptly, as it immediately segues into the line “The Krofft Supershow, The Krofft Supershow”. I tried editing it to sound like “The Doc Supershow”, but it didn’t work out either.

Intro #4: “The Carnival of Values”: Obviously, this is based on the classic 20th Century Fox logo. I commissioned a video production company to create this intro for me, for a small fee. I absolutely love how it turned out, and can’t wait to film more episodes of the Carnival!

In the next episode, I will be providing clean versions of the various songs I use in my videos, as well as providing some information about them.

Thanks for watching, listening and reading. Cheers!

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This game seems kinds of tricky! Gosh!

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Random Dusty


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What? You missed Round 1? Check it out here: http://multipurposereviews.com/?p=909

Round 1 took place in San Jose, whereas Round 2 takes place in Walpole, MA. God, I love these machines!

(I apologize for the glare. The machine is located near a mall entrance. There’s nothing we could do.)

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…which is a real thing. Sadly it hasn’t been updated in about 8 months.

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My sense of humor should not be called a sense of humor because it does not make sense

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The Bacteria Song

This video is essential.

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This video is crucial.

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Unnecessary Karaoke: The Love Boat

First in a series… if you’re VERY UNLUCKY. Yeah, I was feeling extremely giddy when I made this. Yes, it’s me singing a duet with myself (I didn’t just double the audio). No, I still have no idea what the fuck.

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