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RIP several of my twitter bots

So, apparently Twitter to it upon itself to delete several of my Twitter bots. 😦

I’ve updated my Twitter Bot page here. At least my favorite ones are still alive… for now…

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Philosoraptor bot is back at last!

Just a quick update to my bots page… I’ve finally brought @RaptorPHD back from the dead! The bot had been broken for quite some time. Now I’m off to bed. Good night!

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Quick update to Bots page

Just added a section to my Twitter Bots page describing my latest bot, @Austen_ebooks.

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Twitter Bots page updated

I’ve made a small update to my Twitter Bots page. I’ve added info on my latest bot, @Sodomy_ebooks, as well as edited the entry on @TheBachelorFrog to indicate that it is no longer offline (I finally got around to fixing it last night)! Sometime later today, I will probably fix @RaptorPHD as well, and then all of my main bots will be back online. Glory!

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How to Create a Twitter Bot

In this instructional video, I show you how to create a simple Twitter bot in five easy steps.

Websites used:


And here is the bot I created during the video: http://twitter.com/gonorrheabot

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Sodomy Bot has a Tumblr now!

In case you didn’t know it, I’ve created a Tumblr feed for Sodomy Bot. On this feed, I post screen shots of some of the more… unusual people who choose to follow Sodomy Bot. Check out the Tumblr feed here! I’ve also updated my Twitter Bots page to mention my latest twitter bot, Fat Pikachu! He’s so cute and fat!

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My Geocaching page is now up-to-date with all of my latest finds. From now on, I’ll only be doing a front-page post about geocaching once a week, so as to not flood your twitter feeds. Anyway, my latest finds are located on Page 2 of my Geocaching page.

I have updated my Twitter Bots page to include my latest bot, @RaptorPHD. I currently have eight active Twitter bots. My goal is ten — NO MORE! Not sure why I even make them. I’m… odd.

My next LP shall be starting soon, but I’ll be squeezing in an LP Quickie or two first. You’ll get to hear the short version of my new introduction before you hear the long version of it! Now THAT is odd.

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Updates updates updates…

Today I found five — yes, FIVE — geocaches all in one day! I’ve updated page two of my Geocaching section to reflect this. That’s 35 finds so far!

I’ve also updated my Twitter Bots page to reflect all seven of the bots in my Twitter Bot Army. I plan on getting it up to ten… no more than that, though, because that would be extremely silly. Yes, I know it’s silly that I have ANY bots at all, but each one is a fun exercise for me, and they all represent facets of my personality to a degree. You can find the updated info in my Twitter Bots section.

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What if I were a dog? Well, with this new project, we shall find out. I am wearing a Puppy Tweet monitor during my workday. Puppy Tweet is a little charm you’re supposed to attach to your dog’s collar, as well as a USB dongle which attaches to your computer. Whenever your dog does something “interesting”, the charm talks to the dongle, which then POSTS A TWEET ABOUT IT! Wow, what a world we live in! Well, I’ve decided to wear the charm MYSELF while I’m at work, and see what kind of nonsense it tweets.

So, say hello to “Dog Sigma”, the Twitter feed of my non-existent alternate personality as a dog. Or something. Or not.


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Twitter bots!

I’ve added a new section to my website. See it up there, on the right? It’s all about the various Twitter Bots which I’ve programmed. Check it out! If you want to, that is.

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