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Today I found five — yes, FIVE — geocaches all in one day! I’ve updated page two of my Geocaching section to reflect this. That’s 35 finds so far!

I’ve also updated my Twitter Bots page to reflect all seven of the bots in my Twitter Bot Army. I plan on getting it up to ten… no more than that, though, because that would be extremely silly. Yes, I know it’s silly that I have ANY bots at all, but each one is a fun exercise for me, and they all represent facets of my personality to a degree. You can find the updated info in my Twitter Bots section.


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What if I were a dog? Well, with this new project, we shall find out. I am wearing a Puppy Tweet monitor during my workday. Puppy Tweet is a little charm you’re supposed to attach to your dog’s collar, as well as a USB dongle which attaches to your computer. Whenever your dog does something “interesting”, the charm talks to the dongle, which then POSTS A TWEET ABOUT IT! Wow, what a world we live in! Well, I’ve decided to wear the charm MYSELF while I’m at work, and see what kind of nonsense it tweets.

So, say hello to “Dog Sigma”, the Twitter feed of my non-existent alternate personality as a dog. Or something. Or not.


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Twitter bots!

I’ve added a new section to my website. See it up there, on the right? It’s all about the various Twitter Bots which I’ve programmed. Check it out! If you want to, that is.

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