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Zoinks! In this episode we find out whodunnit for realsies!

(Yes, I will also be LPing the second episode of the game, but that won’t be going up for about a week. I am going on vacation from May 26th through June 1st. See you when I’m back! Cheers!)

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Zoinks, Scooby! Electricity doesn’t work that way! Neither do springs!

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Zoinks! I really fuck up big time in this episode! Do I have to start all over, or will the game TOTALLY NOT NOTICE that I fucked up, and break the laws of physics on my behalf? Ruh Roh!

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Zoinks, Scooby! Antacid doesn’t work that way!

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Long overdue geocaching update

I haven’t been doing as much geocaching as I’d like lately, but in the past few weeks I have found a small handful of caches. In fact, I hadn’t updated the geocaching section of my page since January! I added these five most recent finds to the third page, and my total is now up to 53. Since it’s been awhile, here’s what those last five finds were like.

#49: Greatest Neighborhood This Side of Heaven [my log]: I found this on March 8th. It is a cache located near Boston’s North Station, near a small monument dedicated to the section of the city which used to be called the West End. I had tried to find this one in the past, but was unsuccessful. The coordinates seemed to be leading me to a place I did not want to go, complete with gravel, thorny bushes, and some nice big “NO TRESPASSING” signs. When a few other people also logged it as DNF (Did Not Find), I figured it was just gone, but I kept it on my watchlist. In January, lo and behold, somebody posted a Found It log, saying that the cache was indeed there and in fine condition. Well! I happened to be at North Station anyway one day in early March, so I decided to give this one another shot… and, bingo, it was there! It felt great to find a cache which so many people were not able to find, I must admit. Sadly, both of my pens ran out of ink, so I was unable to sign the log, but I took pictures of the cache container and location, and provided the cache owner with them, so he happily allowed me to log my find, especially since I provided him with visual evidence that the cache was intact.

#50: Don’t Sleep on the Subway, Darling [my log]: This micro cache was hidden near the Massachusetts Avenue station on the Orange Line of the MBTA. Having gone to Northeastern University, I’ve been to this station several times, but never to this particular area of it. Once you cross the street, there are all of these little hidden gardens which I never knew about – a very nice area! The cache was fairly easy to find, even though it blended into its urban surroundings perfectly.

#51: “Time To Make The Donuts” #17 [my log]: This cache is what we geocachers refer to as an LPC, or Lamp Post Cache. You know those tall lamp posts in parking lots, right? And how they have a nice rectangular base above the concrete, surrounding the pole? Well, did you know that 99 times out of 100, those are NOT bolted down, and can be slid up? They are called lamp skirts, and they don’t actually protect any electrical equipment, they just are there to make the lamp post look a bit prettier. Anyway, LPCs are caches which are hidden underneath these lamp skirts. Many people frown upon them, for many reasons, but I really don’t – I’ll take any cache I can get! The stereotype is that almost every parking lot seems to have one of these caches nowadays, and they don’t require any creativity… but, whatever, this was actually my first LPC. Maybe I’ll get sick of them someday, but for now, nope. (Since it’s in a parking lot and is very easy to find, it’s also known as a P&G, or Park & Grab.)

#52: The Bridge at Oak Grove [my log]: This cache was hidden near Oak Grove, the northern terminus of the Orange Line subway. Since I live south of Boston, my commutes deal with Forest Hills, all the way at the OTHER end of the subway, so Oak Grove isn’t someplace I’d really ever have to go… unless I’m looking for a cache! This one was hidden on a small pedestrian bridge outside the station, crossing over some sort of river, connecting the station parking lot with a residential neighborhood. Interestingly, when I began my journey after leaving work, the weather was fine, but by the time I got to Oak Grove, it was pouring rain! Sheesh. The container for this cache was really nice – so nice, in fact, that I am tempted to email the owner and ask them where they bought it. I use similar containers myself for a couple of my hides, but this one was much, much higher quality.

#53: Big Boxes [my log]: This is a puzzle cache, which means that the listed coordinates are not where the cache is hidden (but will generally be within a mile of them, and will often denote a good place to park to begin your search). The cache was hidden in a parking lot shared by two “big box” stores: Best Buy and BJ’s Wholesale Club. The puzzle involved taking fire alarm numbers from each building, performing calculations on them, and using the resulting numbers as the coordinates for the cache. I solved this puzzle back in January, and looked for it then, but the coordinates led me straight to a high voltage regulator – something I had NO interest in searching! I happened to be back at BJ’s the other night to do some grocery shopping, so I figured I’d give this one another go. I re-checked my calculations, realized I *was* right, and searched again – this time looking at something else in the area, something much friendlier and less likely to kill me if I search it too thoroughly. I found the nicely-hidden cache, signed the log, and went right into BJ’s to do my shopping as if nothing had happened. My father and dog were with me for this one, so I gave them credit too, because they provided some cover (or would have, if I had needed it).

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Zoinks! It’s a point-and-click adventure game starring a dog and a stoner retard!

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