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Formspring answers 7/24/2012

It’s the long-awaited Formspring Speed Round! Which I just made up right now!


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Hey, folks! For the first episode of The Carnival of Values, I take on Prankster Planet, a surprisingly decent platformer for young kids! It’s based on a popular children’s educational show, but that doesn’t mean that this video is for kids…

What is The Carnival of Values? It’s the name I’ve given to my series of Let’s Plays which are different from my usual ones for several reasons:

1) The game is completed in one video, as if it were a movie narrated by me.
2) The game is too long to be an LP Quickie.
3) The game is REALLY out there, even by my standards!

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Hey, Let’s Go For A Walk!

Just taking Dusty for his evening constitutional after a long day at work.

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