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The Great Character Movie

This video makes sense.

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I actually made this awhile ago, and was trying to decide if I should upload it or not. When I was going through Dylan’s videos, I saw that she had done the same thing… so I decided to go ahead and upload it as a response.

And, yes, the question she asked of herself totally applies to me as well. WHYDOESMYVOICESOUNDLIKETHIS!?

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Formspring answers 11/29/2011

Hey, I actually did this on-time for once! As a result, there were only 66 questions to answer! Neat! Keep ’em coming, I love doing these videos… http://formspring.me/docsigma

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The desert is beautiful at night… nice and peaceful and FULL of wandering Hammer Brothers! Aah!!!

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Formspring answers 11/21/2011

Another 130-or-so questions and answers, fresh from the oven just for you! Keep those questions coming! http://formspring.me/docsigma

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My sense of humor should not be called a sense of humor because it does not make sense

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It’s been too long since I’ve done a full SMB3 romhack! This one looks quite promising! It’s supposedly difficult, but fair – no Kaizo stuff. Let’s hope that this is true!

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